A Zombie Cocktail Recipe

Donn Beach, formerly known as Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gannt created the Zombie cocktail in the mid 1930s. He made it in his restaurant for a friend before his flight to San Francisco, whereby he was served three.

The name of the cocktail came about as when Beach’s friend returned from his trip, he complained that due to the cocktails he felt like a zombie for the entire trip.

Although the Zombie has a fruity taste, it has an extremely high alcohol content, so much so that the Don the Beachcomber restaurants only sold two Zombies to each customer. Drinking two zombies is in fact the equivalent or consuming 7 regular cocktails.

Today, there are many variations, here is just one…

The Recipe

This recipe serves 1

  • 1 measure dark rum
  • 1 measure white rum
  • ½ measure apricot brandy
  • 2 measures pineapple juice
  • ½ measure lime juice
  • 2 teaspoons powdered sugar
  • Garnish: cocktail cherry and pineapple wedge

Add all the ingredients into a cocktail mixer with ice and shake, then pour into a hurricane glass. Spear the pineapple and cherry onto a cocktail stick and place on the edge of the glass, finally add a straw.

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