40 Great Shot Glass Cocktails

Get ready to take your cocktail game to the next level with an exciting array of shot-sized concoctions that pack a flavourful punch. From fiery shots that ignite your taste buds to tropical delights that transport you to sun-soaked beaches, we’ve curated a list of 40 fantastic cocktail shot ideas …

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Low Wine

Low wines are not wine in the traditional sense. The term “low wines” is used in the distillation process of spirits such as whisky, rum, and brandy. When spirits are made from scratch, the process typically begins with a fermented wash, similar to beer or wine. This wash is then …

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On & Off Trade: Understanding the Jargon in the Beverage Industry

In the beverage industry, the terms “On Trade” and “Off Trade” are frequently used to describe different types of venues and premises where alcoholic beverages are sold. These industry jargons play a crucial role in distinguishing between on-premise and off-premise consumption. Let’s delve into the definitions of these terms and …

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Great Cocktails