VIDEO – Screaming Multiple Orgasm

Hi, I’m Jay from McCauley’s in Warrington. On behalf of Great, I’m going to show you how to make a Screaming Multiple Orgasm.

To make a twelve ounce glass of Screaming Multiple Orgasm you need half an ounce of Vodka, half an ounce of Tia Maria or Kaluha, half an ounce of Baileys, some chocolate sauce, a little chocolate milkshake mix, some whipped cream and some milk and cream (half and half).

You’re going to want a clean twelve ounce Collins cocktail glass. A little bit of chocolate sauce around the sides of the glass, and then fill with clean fresh ice.

To mix your cocktail, you want a sixteen ounce Manhattan cocktail shaker and in it, you’re going to put a half ounce of Vodka. Follow up with a half ounce of coffee liquor, and a half ounce of Baileys.

You want about six ounces of milk and cream and a little splash of chocolate milk shake mix. A little ice in the tin for mixing, and then shake it hard to blend all the ingredients together.

And use your mixing glass, separate the ice and the mixture, on top of that a little whipped cream, and decorate with some more chocolate sauce. A couple of straws and you’ve got your Screaming Multiple Orgasm.

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