How to Make Jungle Juice

Jungle Juice is, in essence, a fruit punch – but a fruit punch with a kick that a mule would envy!

It became popular in New York and in college campuses across America, and recipes for it are as numerous as the tales of ‘what happened after I’d drunk it – or so I’m told’! It’s said to have got its name from the wild animal-like behaviour of imbibers.

The basics are:

  • A clear spirit, such as vodka or white rum
  • Fruit juices
  • Fruit

Sometimes added:

  • Any alcohol that’s left over from Christmas
  • Any alcohol brought by party guests

The last two aren’t recommended unless you want to risk being very ill the next day!

Jungle Juice is usually made in gallons; it’s not a single simple sophisticated cocktail! So when you’re planning your party, add ‘large plastic container’ (such as a dustbin) to your shopping list.

  • Provide a ladle for guests to help themselves.
  • The fruit absorbs a lot of alcohol. Bear that in mind if eating it!

American recipes for Jungle Juice often feature pure grain alcohol (PGA) under its American trademark of Everclear. This has 95% alcohol content and isn’t available in this country. Vodka can be used in its place.

  • Pure alcohol should never be drunk straight. It is highly potent and can irritate the throat.

Jungle Juice I

  • 5 bottles vodka
  • 16 cartons fruit juice
  • 8 litres lemonade
  • Fresh fruit

Chop up a mixture of fruit (apples, grapes, oranges, pineapples, melons) and place in the bottom of a clean plastic bin. Pour on the vodka and leave the fruit to soak for 12 hours.

Add the fruit juice and lemonade.

Jungle Juice II

(for serious partying with friends!)

  • 6 litres vodka
  • 1 bottle peach schnapps
  • 2 bottles apple schnapps
  • 1 bottle white rum
  • 1 bottle gin
  • 1 bottle brandy
  • 4 bottles red wine
  • 8 litres mixed fruit juice
  • 2 litres orange juice
  • 10 litres soda water
  • Fresh fruit

Chop up a mixture of fruit (apples, grapes, oranges, pineapples, melons) and place in the bottom of a clean plastic bin. Pour on the alcohol and leave the fruit to soak for 4 hours.

Add the fruit juice and soda water and leave to stand for another 12 hours before serving.

Jungle Juice III

(When there’s just the 2 of you!)

  • ½ carton red grapefruit juice
  • ¾ carton pineapple juice
  • 1 carton orange juice
  • ½ pint ginger ale
  • ¾ pint white rum
  • Fresh fruit

Cut up bite-sized pieces of fruit and place them in a large container with the rum. Leave to soak for a few hours. Add the juices and ginger ale.

To serve, pour over crushed ice in a long glass.

While purists would say that Jungle Juice should never contain beer, others say it adds a different dimension to the drink.

Jungle Juice IV

  • 2 bottles white rum
  • 2 bottles dark rum
  • 1 pint cherry brandy
  • 6 cans lager
  • 5 cans lemonade
  • 4 cartons pineapple juice
  • Fresh fruit
  • Ice cubes

Leave chunks of fruit to soak in the rum and brandy for 4 hours. Add the lager, lemonade, pineapple juice and ice.

The only rule to remember when making Jungle Juice is that there aren’t any rules. Make it up as you go along varying the ingredients depending on your cupboard, your purse and your taste buds.

Well, maybe there is one rule: don’t drink it and drive!

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