Buck’s Fizz & Mimosa

Buck’s Fizz came about as the result of a missing ingredient. That’s according to the secretary of the Buck’s Club in London.

Captain Buckmaster, the club’s founder, enjoyed golfing trips to France. On one of these, in 1921, he was given a cocktail combining champagne, peach juice and another ingredient. On the Captain’s return to his club, he asked his bartender to recreate it. Because he couldn’t get hold of any peach juice the bartender substituted orange juice: Buck’s Fizz was born.

The third ingredient is a closely guarded secret, so today, a Bucks Fizz made anywhere except in the Club, comprises only champagne and orange juice, although some of the older recipes include a dash of grenadine.

Buck’s Fizz
  • 2 parts freshly-squeezed orange juice
  • 1 part champagne

Pour the champagne into a chilled flute glass. Add the orange juice and stir very gently. Don’t over-stir as this will destroy the bubbles! Garnish with a raspberry.

  • For the very best flavour squeeze the oranges just before making.
  • The juice from blood oranges gives the cocktail a distinctive colour.
  • Eating strawberries as an accompaniment helps bring out the flavour of champagne.
  • Pre-bottled Buck’s Fizz is just a cheap imitation; taste the authentic drink and you’ll never buy ready-made again!

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