Brain Haemorrhage

Would you drink one?!

The appeal of most shooters lies in their appearance. With their carefully constructed clearly-defined coloured layers, they look good as well as packing a punch. The appeal of a Bloody Brain, on the other hand, is more to do with the cringe factor: it looks as gruesome as it sounds!

Its origin isn’t conclusively recorded but it’s easy to imagine how this drink might have come about. A bartender, experimenting with different combinations, comes up with this, and a customer exclaims, ‘It looks like a bloody brain.’ Instead of discarding the idea, the bartender makes it his own and a legend is born.

What you need for a Bloody Brain (or Brain Haemorrhage):

  • 2 parts peach schnapps
  • 1 part Irish cream
  • Grenadine

First pour the schnapps into the shooter glass. Top with the Irish cream that will form a brain-like clump. Slowly drizzle about 5 drops of grenadine into the centre of the ‘brain. It should eventually burst through and the brain will rest on a bloodied and dripping bed.

Some recipes suggest adding the grenadine first, or using the back of a spoon for pouring. Experiment to decide which way is most effective in your opinion.

Good for Halloween parties! And upsetting the mother-in-law!

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