Cocktail Party Themes

What do Holly Golightly, James Bond and Del Boy have in common? They all love a good cocktail. And we’ve got a themed cocktail party to suit each of them. Of course you don’t have to choose a theme. If your friends aren’t into dressing-up (in any way) your party …

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Perfect Canapes For Cocktails

You can enhance the effect of great cocktails by choosing canapés that suit the flavours and themes. The perfect canapés will depend on whether you are having a cocktail party or if you are having cocktails before dinner. Cocktail Parties A good way to start planning your cocktail party is …

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Naughty but Nice Cocktails

If you’ve always fancied sex on the beach but never quite been brave enough, we’re here to help you! Cocktails with naughty names are nothing new: people were having sex on the beach in the 1960s! Maybe even your parents tried it! Many of these cocktails involve vodka, so open …

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Great Cocktails